Issue like puzzle or jackstraw ?


A complicated issue, a complex situation. When we use these adjectives we do not ask ourself the question on their exact meaning. Apparently one can be substituted for the other without modifying the sense of the subject. But in fact, it is just what it seems to be. We can then wonder why we have got two terms to express the same thing ? I suggest we take a moment thinking about the nuance between both. Then we shall see the importance which it can have to approach the problem solving.
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My name is Bond… Forrest Bond !

capture-decran-2017-01-19-a-17-14-32More than 90 % of people admits to have difficulty holding names of the people who are introduced to them.

This lack of memorization could be a major handicap in the interconnected world in which we live. How being member of a professional or friends networks, without remembering names of the people with whom we would like to keep in touch ?

If you look at it closely we will realize that the responsibility of this matter of fact is shared between both people who get in touch, each one needs to make an effort: either to memorize the name of his interlocutor, or to help his interlocutor to do so.

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Agility : new way of thinking.


To avoid going astray in the univers of the possible solutions, we have invented the project management.

In fact, there is nothing more complicated than launching a project  being certain aiming at the correct target, and this whatever the project is : data processing project, organizational project, humanitarian project, society project….

To be efficient we need to proceed with method and exactness and at first define where we want to go to and what objectives we expect to achieve.  Classical project management has been invented to address precisely the need for rational and predictive approach.
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