Impulse change.

Capture d_écran 2017-03-23 à 15.13.16Any organization should evolve to avoid dying. It’s as simple as that. However adaptation is not enough as such, it has to be faster than ever to stay in synch with the tremendous acceleration of the environment.

Managers and consulting firms in organization perfectly understood the authoritarian need to drive the change in order to make it a success.

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Experts have analyzed very precisely the complex process of the change. They have clearly identified the major psychological steps followed by the people facing a change : refusal to understand, resistance, depression, resignation and finally integration.

They all agree to promote a methodical approach to drive changes which mixes up : suggestions, demands, information sharing, dialogue, exchanges and concessions according to step where we are.

I would say that they are all perfectly right… except one point : it is really a too time consuming approach ! As a matter of fact, a real and effective manager must go much faster.

Between us, tell me who better than the manager at the head of the organization can estimate the adaptation needs and the ways to make them happen ?

It makes no sense to arouse the awareness of the members of the team on the necessity of the change, nor to prepare the main people concerned to change their habits. All this is a waste of time. No doubt that everybody will adapt himself once he’s got with his back on the wall.

Just set a deadline and throw the change process without neither waiting nor wasting time in useless explanations.
The change is an imperious requirement to anyone, isn’t it ?

Of course, you will not avoid the traditional resistances to change : misunderstanding of the objective and distrust to you, parochialism and will to protect personal interests to the detriment of those of the organization, will not to take the risk of changing the habits and even, questioning of your evaluation of the situation.

The experts point that out : they are normal and well known human reactions.
Do not let you divert from your objective by these small mood swings.
Carry on with the implementation of the change as you planned it.

It is however possible that there are certain demonstrations of dissatisfaction.
Some members of your team could not play the game and show ill intent to set up the changes you decided. Others shall discuss endlessly the legitimacy of the change and shall question your decisions. The most rash shall even threaten to leave your team. The least brave shall put a spoke in the wheel in an insidious way.

But all this is familiar to you. Right ? You have learnt it during your management training. They are the forms of well known resistance to change : slowness, argumentation, revolt and sabotage.

Disregard all and persevere !
All that are only rearguard fights with the only purpose to slow you down.

If needed assert your authority and shake the threat of disciplinary measures to get back in line the most recalcitrants.

Well, I do believe we have looked at the question from all angles. At less from my point of view.
You have got all the cards in your hands to impulse change and make it a success in your organization and on top in a record time.
Now the choice is yours. Good success to you!

This article has been posted by a former real and effective manager who were fired by narrow spirits top manager and who could not put in practice his managerial theories….  😉


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