Letting go and monkeys metaphor.

I recall a training course of Tai chi chuan that the teacher had begun by saying: ” At the moment, you should have plenty of concerns in your head. Me too, and it is quite normal. Close you eyes and think about it just a few seconds. Are they all really serious or just important ?

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If they  are related to serious disease or mortal risk for you or one of your near relations, then yes : they are serious concerns.
Otherwise they are only important… and you can leave them aside the time of this course ! “.

I have always kept in mind this sensible comment on the relativity of the issues and concerns. And I think to myself that’s probably the way to approach the famous notion of “letting go” that is in the core of the Tai Chi Chuan.

Let me give you another illustration of this notion with a metaphor well known by the specialists.

In South-East Asia, people use to trap the monkeys by putting in a hollowed out walnut of coconut, or in a basket having a small opening, a banana, an orange or another candy the monkeys are excessively fond of.
The set is solidly fastened to the ground or in the tree. The monkey puts into it its hand to catch what is inside but cannot remove it anymore once it is closed with its contents because of the narrow of the opening. Not wanting to leave what it seized, the monkey stays prisoner and is caught.

Having thought about what is serious and what is important for you, ask yourselves what you are clung to. What is your banana, your orange or your candy which makes you prisoner and prevents you from moving on ?

Have a good mediation!



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