John Wayne’s syndrome.

Universally known, John Wayne embodied in his movies the virile, lonesome, cowboy protecting the weakest people. He had the authority, the strength and the charisma of the undisputed chief. He always knew what is good and what is bad. He was independent and did not need help from anybody, except from a small group of loyal followers acquired in his cause.

Thirty years after his death, John Wayne always embodies heroin American.

Actually it is not amazing that certain American specialists speak now about John Wayne’s syndrome to qualify certain behavioral trends.
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The syndrome John Wayne tends to show up after some very strong emotional accidents. The concerned people are the ones who must manage extreme traumatizing situations : the soldiers engaged in conflict, or the firemen facing civil disasters for instance.

More recently the concept of John Wayne’s syndrome was evoked for explaining the behaviors brought by stress and working overload (Burn out)

I have observed certain characteristics of John Wayne’s syndrome which I would like to share with you below :

“Up to the very end attitude ” : Convinced to be always right and having the strength and the authority from his side part the “John Wayne” guys persists in the direction that he believes to be the only good one. It is frequent that it leads him to serious mistakes of judgment.

“Violence” : the one who crosses his path should take care. He will not hesitate to use force to raise the obstacles.

” No room for dialogue “ : He is convinced that he wastes his time listening to the others too long. By the way he thinks he does not need anybody to drive his business. This pushes him gradually towards the isolation which unfortunately drags him deeper into the syndrome.

“Distrust”:  He locks himself into his character of lonesome cowboy and he is wary of his entourage even of very close friends. He does not express anymore his feelings and keeps them for him alone.

“Cynicism” : His mode of relationship is disrupted and gives way to a form of cynicism and aggressiveness which still stresses his isolation.

I agree that the behavioral trends briefly described above are a little bit caricatural and the specialists will tell you simplified as well – even simplistic – and partial, but it will give to the readers an idea more precise one of this interesting syndrome.

Now look around you and more particularly those who hold – not a pistol – but a part of authority or power and who are exposed to a significant and permanent stress. You may notice they have tendency to John Wayne’s syndrome



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