My name is Bond… Forrest Bond !

capture-decran-2017-01-19-a-17-14-32More than 90 % of people admits to have difficulty holding names of the people who are introduced to them.

This lack of memorization could be a major handicap in the interconnected world in which we live. How being member of a professional or friends networks, without remembering names of the people with whom we would like to keep in touch ?

If you look at it closely we will realize that the responsibility of this matter of fact is shared between both people who get in touch, each one needs to make an effort: either to memorize the name of his interlocutor, or to help his interlocutor to do so.

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Apply to memorize the name of his interlocutor.

The difficulties of memorizing names are essentially due to a lack of attention. Most of the time, we are more worried by the way we are going to introduce ourselves in return and then, by how we will engage the conversation, rather than by the attentive listening to the introduction of our interlocutor.
By haste, we jump over this important step which will not naturally occurs anymore. Them we shall desperatly try and remember, often in vain, a name that we did not make the effort to listen to.


Nevertheless techniques do exist to force our brain to record names. Here are some:

  • Be prepared  :
    Assign yourself the objective to hold names. Sounds obvious… but try and meet people with this idea in head and you will be surprised with the result..
  • Repeat the name :
    It is recommended to repeat the name immediately :
    “Pleased to meet you Mr Bond”.
  • Be interested :
    Be interested by the name itself, its origin, its spelling .. :
    “Mr Bond with an E at this end or without  ?”.
  • Introduce your new interlocutor to somebody else
    Actually it is another way to repeat again the name.
    « Let me introduce you Mr Bond » ?
  • Connect name :
    it is also good to connect the name of the person with his title, his job, his  favorite leisure, his family ties with a person whom you know … In case of oversight of the name you will have so many indications to look for him.
  • Take note :
    As soon as you have a moment, write down the name on paper or record it into your telephone.

These techniques are effective because based on the attention and on the strengthening of the memory by the repetition of the name..

Help your interlocutor to remember your name.

It is you turn now to make an effort and help your interlocutor to hold your name.

  • Repeat :
    It sounds again to be the magic technic !
    Introduction in two steps was popularized by James Bond: ” my name is Bond. James Bond ” and then by Forrest Gump: ” my name is Forrest. Forrest Gump “.
    It is an effective technique which allows you to drawn the attention at first on you name or on your first name depending on the situation.
  • Use anchor point  :
    You can say for instance «  my name is Bond. Bond as 007 ! ».
  • Quick introduction :
    Also be prepared for a quick and short introduction, short sentences that you can use without waste of time nor spluttering during one impromptu meeting in a corridor for example. ” My name is Bond. Forrest Bond. I am a private detective in Paris. You will find me in the professional directory.
  • Business card :
    And overall always keep a business card ready. For professional meetings the business card remains a major mean to be known and later recognized.

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