Six simple tips to successfully fail with your blog !

Blog1 – Never mix up social networks.

Your blog is unique and has nothing to do with other social media. Don’t share any information related to your blog in your Facebook and Twitter accounts for instance. Avoid mixing up things. The net is enough complicated.

Version française           

2 – Avoid any post out of the ordinary.

Talk about only trivial and ordinary subjects that interest the majority of people. Don’t add any value to common talk. Use and abuse of copy/paste. That’s the purpose of this function. If others had already articulated cleaver ideas, don’t try and do better.

3 –Don’t lose time with presentation.

The quality of the pictures and videos, the format of the text, grammatical and spelling correctness are accessory et do not add any value to your article.

4– Let your blog sleeping for long periods.

It is not necessary to feed it regularly. People are annoyed with regular publications. On the contrary, frequent and long breaks instigate impatience of your readers.

5– Don’t try to engage discussion with your readers or even worse with other bloggers.

Systematically throw away any comment published on you blog. They are without interest. Be careful with the other bloggers. They are able to speak up about your blog on their own blog, then their friends will do the same, dans the friends of their friends. Don’t play with the snowball effect on the net that you cannot manage.

6 – Last but not least advice. 

Above advices require discipline, intelligence, value communicating, time and above all energy. If you don’t have the right amount of time and energy, then never create any blog or close the one you have already opened. No one will blame you for that !




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